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02.02.2020 How to change our Karma

Karma is sometimes known as the ‘law of cause and effect’ – as if it were an intergalactic high court ruling. Fortunately ‘the law of karma’ can also be changed. If ‘the law of karma’ could not be broken there could be no liberation. Then... why practice? The ‘law of karma’ belongs to an cultural world of dualism. And even if there would be some truth in the 'law of cause and effect'... If something happens to us, then it becomes irrelevant of this is karma or accident. Maybe we could have to the bravery to look at our knee-jerk response in every situation, and how we repattern ourselves, without any justification. We could explore karma as the 'law of perception and response' This will entirely dictate how we perceive the world – moment by moment. This is something we can work with. This is how we can change karma in every moment.
Bar-ché Dorje will provide views and practices to work with this kind of karma.

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This will be your karma (joke)

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