Practises classic massage, sports massage, reflexology, rTsa-mNye

Teaches jong-dar, meditation and dynamic stretching

Studies Finnish traditional bone setting

I’ve been always interested in humans as psychophysical beings. Passion to help and be beneficial to others are the chief reasons to do my job as a massage therapist.

Over the years I’ve improved my professional skills by studing various treatment techniques and learning about Western and Eastern mind and body practices.

I’m not only helping you to get rid of your pains, but I’m also happy to advise you how you can improve your own wellbeing.

It is a privilege to be a massage therapist, because every day I’m able to help and benefit so many customers.

Welcome to Fysioacusa – it’s a pleasure to have you!

Read what my customers say

I’ve been Maria’s customer more than twelve years now and I couldn’t be happier. Maria has become a part of my life and she has helped me a lot. She is highly professional and is constantly broadening her expertise. Reflexology and Tibetan massage have brought relief for my asthma and migraine. I’m Maria’s regular customer. She is attentive, knowledgeable and a great listener. I highly recommend Maria as a therapist. That lady has magic hands! – Maria S

Everybody knows that a human body needs high-quality maintenance. In my line of work, I have to be mentally and physically in top shape. For years, Maria Tarvas has been the only one treating my body and I will not dare go elsewhere. Why would I? I found the best. – Olli E. Juvonen


Practices classic massage, sports massage, Indonesian massage, rTsa-mNye

Teaches meditation, jong-dar, dynamic streching

I have always been interested in the psychophysical aspects of being. Since the age of fifteen I was intensively involved with an Indonesian Martial Art Pencak Silat. Within this practice there is a meditation and healing system. I started to practice Pijit massage and had a good success with it. A few years later I also got a diploma from the western classic and sports massage. At the moment I am studying Tibetan massage.

In my line of work, I am seeking to find the best possible solutions to help my customers and I am broadening my skills constantly. I’ve always wanted to help people and improve their physical and mental wellbeing.

Different therapy techniques combined with professional expertise relief the most physical problems, such as migraine and carpal tunnel syndrome. I love to see my customers totally transformed after the treatment. I’m always doing my utmost to make the client feel better and more relaxed.

Read what my customers say

“I used to have a persistant neckpain that triggered migraine almost on the weekly basis. Ever since Bar-ché started to treat me regularly, my health has improved considerably and I need painkillers only seldomly. Bar-ché has skill and strength to remove muscle knots. Thanks to him, my severe migraines are nowadays history.”


“I have been Bar-chés customer for one and half years. I run marathons and the training requires regular foot and leg massage. Arches, calves and knees stay strong when the muscles are healthy and body posture remains ideal. Bar-ché is relaxed and easygoing and he´s always doing everything in his power to make a customers feel better, whatever the problem. He has also treated my computer-related neck and shoulder pain. After we got to know each other better, we´ve had many great conversations about diet, personal goals and life in general. My longtime masseur, thank you so much!

- Katja


Classic massage, sports massage, pregnancy massage

Chinese martial arts practiced for both their defence training and health benefits got me interested in human body. I´ve also plenty of experience of IT work and its health hazards. I chose massage therapy as my profession because I wanted to do something practical and improve people´s health and wellbeing.

In my opinion one of the most important aspect of massage therapy is that it gives a customer a chance to listen to his body in a new way. Sometimes we´re so used to living with body stress, we don´t know how to identify it. Massage is a great way to restore body´s natural vitality. It also promotes cutomer´s body awareness.

I tailor my treatments to meet customer´s needs. Together we´ll find the ways to improve your health. Welcome!

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Classic massage, mobility massage

As an active practitioner of Chinese martial arts and other physical excercises, I gradually got interested in massage and manual treatments. Being a martial arts practitioner has been a comprehensive physical journey during which I´ve leart to know my own body - and human body in general - quite thoroughly.

As a practicing masseur I´m benefitting others by putting the knowledge gathered in to practice. After ten years of randon office jobs and trying to find my professional calling, I chose to study massage therapies at Hierontakoulu Atlas and specialized in classic and mobility massage. Now I finally feel that I´m on the right path.

I am working from the external, outer mechanisms of pain to the primary, root cause and find the best possible solution. I utilize a holistic approach. Healthy, relaxed body requires healthy, relaxed mind and balance between different aspects in life is essential. We all are responsible for our own health. Together we can find the way to restore your wellbeing

The best moments of my job are whenever I´m able to help a customer to feel better.

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