Energy boost for tired parents

We offer private lessons on yogic jong-dar classes for individuals, small or bigger groups, including families with children.

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On Monday mornings at 11am we run a jong-dar class for seniors. Space is limited so grab your place as soon as possible!Energy boost for tired parents

For any parent its essential to take good care of herself/himself. Stress, tiredness or anxiety can often result in unnecessary negative outbursts.

Our trained therapists are good at relaxing the body and mind.

We offer

*massage therapy treatments for relaxation.

*yogic practices to reduce stress.

*meditation classes to explore your mind and find the ways to practice with your emotionality.

For busy and stressed parents we offer a relaxing joint massage therapy treatment. What a perfect way to spend some time with you loved one!

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On Thursday nights we offer a weekly meditation class. Roaring Silence meditation course helps you to find a nature of kind and aware mind.

Our couples massage workshop will teach you how to give a safe relaxation massage to your partner, friends or family members. Training is based on classical massage techniques. As well as practicing on each other, you’ll learn the basics of the human musculoskeletar system and hear about the health benefits of human touch.

The next course will be

There is space for three couples. The course will be held only if there are enough participants.

Enroll by calling or texting Maria 050 363 4670.