Hello dear customers,

We, at Fysioacusa, would like to write something about the current situation. A reaching out.

Maybe not everybody knows this but we, Maria and Bar-ché, are experienced teachers of meditation and yogic practices. We give teachings and personal consultations for people in Fysioacusa, although we don't generally advertise this fact. During this current uncertain situation, we would like to express a few words as meditation teachers.

If we look at history, at the times when we, as a people, felt unsafe, for example, during war or a pandemic, it seems that once these periods of upheaval are over, we can never go back to our old ways because such situations change us. During these hard times we might lose loved ones, or end up in financial crisis―we need to do our best simply to survive. But afterwards, history teaches us that the world will never be the same again―new ideas come into being and often some of the old ways are lost.

We hope that much good will come out of the present situation. In the meantime, we should inform ourselves and act accordingly to keep safe. At the moment, the advice is to observe social distancing, wash hands and clothing often, and be careful.

Sometimes we might not be able to practice social distancing because we might really need each other. We can still help others, by getting food for those who have to stay at home. We can still have loving communication with our family and friends by Internet and phone. We can become a beacon of light by not panicking. We can do our best to stay connected with a warm heart, even within the confines of this uncertain situation. The more we stay connected to our own inner strength, the more we create our capacity to be of help and light.

At Fysioacusa, we would like to be this beacon of light and we are offering consultations on a donation basis. This means that if you can spare some money please make a donation, but if you can't, then the session is free. The only reason we are asking for a donation is because we would like our company to survive during this challenging time.

Our phone nos: Maria +358503634670; Bar-ché +358405382605

Warm greetings from all the staff at Fysioacusa.

May we all come out of this situation in a better way.

Fysioacusa offers treatments with qualified, trained practitioners across a wide variety of massages and traditional therapies. In addition, we offer courses on meditation and physical excercise with health benefits.

Our treatments are based on ancient principles using current Western knowledge of anatomy and physiology.We are dedicated to the best of health and wellbeing through the use of wide selection of therapies at our clinic in Ruskeasuo, Helsinki.
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