Spot on treatment

Stress relief:

Head massage that increases nourishment and oxygen to the scalp. Treatment of shoulder blade muscles and supportive tissues of the backbone. 30min 35 €

Get rid of migraine:

Neck and shoulder massage. Trigger point therapy.

30min 35€

Relaxed wrists:

Treatment of wrist and palm muscles, massage of neural pathways and hand tendons. Trigger point therapy. Brings relief for wrist pain caused by computer mouse.

30min 35€

Relief for numb hands:

Treatment of neck, arm and shoulder blade muscles, massage of neural pathways. 45min 48€

Relief for back pain:

Massage of back muscles and the deep intrinsic muscles, thoracic spine mobility testing. 45min 48€

relief of tired back:

Massage of back muscles, muscle imbalance testing and guidance how to improve muscular balance. Sitting and standing posture check.

45min 48€

Straighter back:

rTsa-mNye treatment. Thorough body posture check, exercises that improve body composition. Developing an appropriate exercise and treatment plan.

60min 65€

Relieve your sore feet:

Relaxing, light massage with wide strokes that improve metabolism. Range of joint motion check. 45min 61€

Stronger legs for jogging:

Thorough treatment of legs and buttocks. Range of joint motion check. 60min 65€

Sciatica pain relief:

Individually planned treatment to meet customer´s needs. 60min 65€

Tight calves:

Relaxation of hamstrings and calves. Connective tissue and Achilles tendon stretch, range of ankle motion check. 45min 48€

Breath Easy:

Treatment to relieve strain in shoulder blade and intercostal muscles by use of various breathing techniques. Neck massage to promote relaxation. Spine mobility check. 60min 65€

Sleep well: