— Wellness  —

We offer treatments with qualified practitioners across a wide variety of massage and traditional therapies. In addition, we offer courses on meditation and physical exercises with health benefits. We also have online guided meditation and Jong-dar classes.

Our treatments are based on ancient principles using current Western knowledge on anatomy and physiology. We are dedicated to providing the best in health and well being through a wide selection of therapies. 

You will be treated by practitioners who have a genuine interest in helping others and enthusiasm for their work.

Baby reflexology

Reflexology for babies can help infants with colic, teething issues, stomach pain or sleep difficulties. 


Classic massage is a treatment that relaxes sore and tense muscles and improves circulation in the muscles and connective tissue. 


Jong-dar practices are very dynamic and improve physical and mental well being. The forms range from simple to challenging - from mild to strongly aerobic.

Kalevalainen treatment

Kalevalainen treatment is an old Finnish healing system which uses gentle techniques to open up the lymphatic system, connective tissue and nervous system.

It is based on holistic principles and focuses on the patient as a psychophysical entity.

rTsa mNye

rTsa-mNye is a treatment based on therapeutic touch. It focuses on the patient as a psychophysical entity.

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